Wednesday, August 29, 2007


From Kanenokuma I took a taxi to the Itazuke Ruins. Itazuke is the oldest known Yayoi settlement. As you can see this outsiders (coming from China and Korea) were not very welcome on the Japanese islands. All Yayoi settlements were fortified with banks and ditches/moats:

This is the reconstructed site which looks a little bit odd between the skyscrapers of Fukuoka:

Here you have closer look at one of their houses:

And here are the inhabitants of the village. Isn't that one happy Yayoi family? By the way, the woman in the back looks very suspiciously like one of my Japanese teachers here at Genki School:

And here is negativ of a footprint. Don't ask me whether Japanese people have this kind of feet, I haven't had the oppurtunity to check it.

And a little bit of archaeology; this is a reaping knife for rice used by the Yayoi culture:

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