Sunday, August 12, 2007

I arrived safely at Tokyo-Narita airport. But there was no time for anything because I had to go to Haneda where the domestic flights from Tokyo are leaving. It was a bad mistake to not take my time and change some money at one of the many ATMs. I went to the limousine bus station at the airport and tried to explain in Japanese where I want to go and a nice and polite young lady even figured out what I wanted. She presented me to the counter, where her collegue was listening all the time and then she said me in perfect English: 'may I have your credit card, please'. She could have told me earlier instead of giving me such a hard time. Anyway, when I received the bus ticket to Haneda I noticed that they gave me one for the next bus which was leaving in 5 minutes. No time for anything. I went straight to the bus stop and two minutes later the luggage and the passengers were in the bus and off it went. Incredible efficient these Japanese people.

In Haneda they suddenly stopped talking in English altogether. Well, in an airport you just follow the crowd and at least numbers I did understand and knew when my flight was announced etc. Not quite two hours later and I was in Fukuoka, where they haven't heard of a language called English. None of the ATMs accepted my credit cards and the girls at the information desks didn't speak English, however, I could coax them into telling me that the banks are already closed and there is no way I could get money now and the underground does not accept credit cards. So there I was, standing around without a single Yen. It was pure luck that some taxis take credit cards so instead of the cheap underground I had to take an expensive taxi to my little flat. But at least I was there. And after an hour wait the extremely charming director and his poodle turned up and let me in.

Now, enough talk. This is my little flat where I will stay for the next three weeks:

This is my even tinier kitchen, but it has got a fridge which is good because if all else fails (and the air con already failed) I can use it to cool down the room:

This is the ultra-tiny bathroom (sorry for the bad pic, but I'm to hot and lazy to do it again):


  1. wo soll denn da noch die Toilette hinpassen? Oder passen 2 Fußrillen überall hin ;)

  2. Um die Wahrheit zu sagen, es ist doppelt so groß. Auf der anderen Seite sind eine westliche! Toilette und die bekannte Sitzwanne.