Saturday, August 18, 2007


It might not look too good - but it was delicious; lotus root salad and my all-time favourite, an o-nigiri with umeboshi plum.

Tonight a Kumazemi ('bear cicada') choose to die on my balcony. Its last song was so loud and pityful - not only did I wake up, I jumped upright out of my bed because I thought an ambulance is rushing through my room.
I know they are loud when they are sitting in a tree and chirping their souls out but this was different. That's what she looked like (roughly 6-7cm long) and here is a sound file (just look for Kumazemi)


  1. Well, it looks allright and I definetely want to try that "o-nigiri"-stuff when I'm coming to Japan.

  2. This reminds me of the Greek terracotta cicada in our collection! The Greeks loved the cicada's music and terracotta models were often used as grave goods.

  3. Yes, they do love their music here, too. I must admit it's kind of eerie when you are standing underneath a tree full of these really loud cicadas but then you know it's summer time.
    However, I haven't seen any models of cicadas here. Animal models are rare in prehistoric times anyway.

    They can't compete with the elegance of the European kind though - the name bear is no coincidence :)