Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kyushu National Museum

The newly built Kyushu National Museum is situated in Daizaifu. The very modern museum

stresses the connection of Japan with the Asian continent but also with the Western world. No photography was allowed here but the 'devil tile' (oni-gawara) that once decorated the end of the roof ridge of the Dazaifu Government Headquarters (c. 8th century) was in the outer hall so I have got a photo of this one. The design of the tile shows the influence of Silla, the ancient kingdom of the Korean peninsula.

For comparison, the latter tile is from Korea (unified Silla Period, now BM).

It's a real pity I couldn't take photos because there were really beautiful artefacts here from the Palaeolithic up to modern times. But it seems to be a rule here that museums with expensiv entrance fees do not allow photo shooting whereas the smaller ones, which are free, are also very generous.

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