Friday, August 17, 2007

Fukuoka Tenjin District

Not really much is happening during the week. We have lessons, and because of the heat you try to stay indoors (or in star bucks - lots of cool drinks and a fantastic air conditioning) as much as possible. Yesterday we had a maximum of 40.9 degrees. Today it was much cooler already, maybe 38 or 39°C. But since some people are complaining (!) I went out this afternoon and risked my life (I might have got a heat shock, you know) to shoot some pics of the Tenjin District where my school as well as my little flat are situated.
This is the little park at the back of the Solaria Plaza building, which houses a hotel, a cinema, shops, restaurants and the nice Café Otto with great salads and snacks.

But the Tenjin District is not all business and shopping. Sometimes a tiny spot between the tall buildings harbours a gate to another world:

A little spot of tranquility between all the hustle and bustle outside:

This is an Omu-ya (short for Omurice shop), a little restaurant specializing in Omurice (which is a kind of Omelette with rice and mostly chicken in it). I will definitly go there and ask for a vegetarian one :)

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